Paid Search Management

Paid Search Management

Paid Search Advertising also referred as Pay per click advertising, offer online businesses an opportunity to control the direction of traffic to their website. Advertisers pay a fixed fee or percentage each time an ad is clicked. However, without a proper pay per click management service provider, businesses can lose thousands of dollars in potential revenue, and forfeit the opportunity to convert leads into customers.


At Revho Ad Agency, we are constantly searching for new ways to improve results, and upgrade our customers current profit margin to maximize the highest earning potential. As experienced search marketers our goals are aimed at three major areas of business:


  • Research and planning for new business accounts, and campaign expansions like; keyword and keyword phrase research, display research results, and competitive intelligence.
  • Implementation of effective campaign management to improve the performance of existing campaigns, to include keyword optimization, graphic text ads, redefined account management structure, and award winning landing pages.
  • Perfected analysis and site experience to include; reporting analytic campaign results, managing projects using a combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques, and continual searching of areas to improve.


Paid Management Services that Works


Accurate data and data drive reporting is what makes a pay per click management system work, along with an experienced marketing team. At Revho Ad Agency our goal is to combine transparency, performance and optimization services, so businesses can see the direction in which their campaign is going.


True pay per click services focus on transparent data: cost per acquisition, net profitability, and AdWords quality score. Businesses want to see a positive return on their investment from their campaigns.

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